Fun activities in Laramie that you probably didn’t know about

Living in a small town like Laramie, there’s not always a ton of things going on. You must get creative! You also must be willing to do a little bit of research.

If you’re tired of staying home on the weekends, and you’ve already finished your favorite Netflix series, I’m here to help.

Below, I’ve listed activities that are a great way to spend your time, no matter what type of person you are.


I bet you’ve never heard of this one! Letterbox is one of Laramie’s best kept secrets. Letterbox is a scavenger hunt full of adventure and code cracking. There are little boxes hidden all around the town (mostly along the greenbelt trail) that contain clues to the next box. Make sure you bring a special sticker or stamp with you to make your mark in the booklets found in each box. This treasure hunt sequence can also be found in all parts of the state and the country. To get started, visit this link. You will find clues there.

The Laramie Mural Project

While looking for letterboxes (some are hidden downtown), you can stop to marvel at the local paintings. The murals located in historic downtown Laramie have been grown within the last few years. Talented artists from around our community are constantly coming up with new ways to decorate the walls outside of businesses and inside of alleyways. Each mural is interesting and unique, putting a special touch to the town. You can browse information about the Laramie Mural Project on the website and can even download a walking tour brochure.

Tea & Tarot

Get in touch with your spiritual side at The Herb House, located at 214 S. 2nd St. You can grab a free cup of herbal tea and receive messages from the divine through a $15 tarot card reading! The readings are offered every Friday and Saturday afternoon from 4-6 p.m. In addition to that, The Herb House has countless unique natural remedies for almost anything.

Chalk & Cheese

Find your perfect wine and cheese duo and Chalk n’ Cheese, located at 209-211 S. 2nd St. If you aren’t 21, don’t worry! You can make up for it with a charcuterie platter. This business offers a multitude of personalized experiences.

Pop Up Paint Party

Not super artistic? That’s OK! No judgment here. Let your creative juices flow in a guided painting session to create your own work of art at Pop Up Paint Party. You can host your own paint party, or you can join one of the weekly group events.

Newly released movies, $5

Yes, you read that correctly. Studio City UW Plaza is Laramie’s newest movie theater, located near War Memorial Stadium. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, no need to worry. Every Tuesday, movie tickets are $5.50. Just sign up for Studio Rewards, which is super quick and simple. Time to load up on goodies at the concession stand.

Now get out there and take advantage of what Laramie has to offer!

Laramie’s oldest standing bar debuts expansion

September 12, 2017

Contact Jason Tays

Buckhorn Bar & Parlor


LARAMIE- The Buckhorn Bar has been in business since 1900, but after five months of construction, the bar held a grand opening for its New Parlor over the weekend.


The New Parlor is not just an add-on, but a fully functioning bar, independent from the other three in the downtown establishment.


“Previously we had some issues with ventilation, but this expansion features its own air system and allows the upstairs capacity to double to around 260 people,” Jason Tays, Buckhorn Bar & Parlor manager, said.


The New Parlor required an additional oak staircase to be built from scratch, creating a total of three separate entrances/exits. Exclusive to the innovation is a stage, the latest sound system technology, LED lighting and a large restroom.


“The grand opening went really well and I heard nothing but compliments,” Tays said. “Our operation ran smoothly and we are meeting our goals of improving our customer service and providing enjoyable entertainment for patrons.”


Marella Fox from Laramie agreed that she has a great night at the grand opening.


“I like how much more space there is upstairs now,” Fox said. “The music they were playing was awesome and I’m going to be making another visit in the near future.”


For the New Parlor, physical construction may be over but tweaks will be made throughout the semester.


“It is definitely a work in progress and will be continuously improved,” Tays said.


Some modifications will include colorful window lighting and an LED screen or projector.

The Buckhorn management also hopes to host several different live music acts that can use the brand-new stage.

The space may also be rented out for private occasions, outside of normal operating hours.


For those interested in checking it out, the New Parlor night club is now open every Thursday through Saturday, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.


For inquiries or updates on upcoming events and specials, contact Tays at (307) 660-6740 or check .