10 Experiences I Wouldn’t Have Without UW

Before I begin, I think I should provide some background information. I was born and raised here in Laramie. I have never lived anywhere else and I haven’t been away from home for more than 10 days at a time.

I basically grew up in a sea of “Poke Pride”. The Steamboat was imprinted on me at a young age. Despite my love for brown and gold, I initially didn’t want to stay in Wyoming for college. At the time, I knew many of my peers were moving far away, to big cities and top universities. I felt like if I stayed, I wasn’t going to be able to grow. I was caught up in the hype of everyone leaving Laramie. I didn’t truly appreciate all that Wyoming has to offer until I was in college. Little did I know, I would discover a fresh perspective on a place I’ve always known.

I decided it was best to attend the University of Wyoming because all my family is here and the affordability-tied with the up-to-date facilities-was difficult to pass up. I was OK with calling Laramie my home for a few more years.

Now that I’ve spent the last five years on my own and attending college, I can truly say that my perception is completely changed. If I left Wyoming, I would not have experienced the undeniable benefits of staying in state. The following list includes 10 awesome experiences I could only find at UW.

  1. The Hathaway Scholarship plus the inexpensive tuition, equals a money saver’s paradise!
  2. The rowdy bunch that is known as the student section.
  3. The luxury of clean, fresh air at any given moment.
  4. The multitude of amazing and inspiring professors.
  5. The opportunity to have important personal connections with those professors.
  6. Free transportation, tutoring, chair massages and doggy de-stressors.
  7. Watching Skater Guy practice his tricks in Simpson’s Plaza…never gets old!
  8. Under no circumstances experiencing a traffic jam.
  9. Using the cold or the wind as an excuse for a bad hair day. Beanies for everyone!
  10. Always feeling safe and a part of a tight, friendly community.

I want to emphasize this last point. Laramie has shown that it can be considered a home for anyone who dwells here. The university and the locals have built a bridge between one another, welcoming all and bleeding brown and gold together.

I didn’t always recognize that attending UW had so much to offer, but I’m glad I do now. A lot of these experiences can only be found at here. I’m thankful that I ultimately decided to stay in my hometown for college because I have a new sense of familiar surroundings. I’ve never been more of a Wyomingite.

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