Fun activities in Laramie that you probably didn’t know about

Living in a small town like Laramie, there’s not always a ton of things going on. You must get creative! You also must be willing to do a little bit of research.

If you’re tired of staying home on the weekends, and you’ve already finished your favorite Netflix series, I’m here to help.

Below, I’ve listed activities that are a great way to spend your time, no matter what type of person you are.


I bet you’ve never heard of this one! Letterbox is one of Laramie’s best kept secrets. Letterbox is a scavenger hunt full of adventure and code cracking. There are little boxes hidden all around the town (mostly along the greenbelt trail) that contain clues to the next box. Make sure you bring a special sticker or stamp with you to make your mark in the booklets found in each box. This treasure hunt sequence can also be found in all parts of the state and the country. To get started, visit this link. You will find clues there.

The Laramie Mural Project

While looking for letterboxes (some are hidden downtown), you can stop to marvel at the local paintings. The murals located in historic downtown Laramie have been grown within the last few years. Talented artists from around our community are constantly coming up with new ways to decorate the walls outside of businesses and inside of alleyways. Each mural is interesting and unique, putting a special touch to the town. You can browse information about the Laramie Mural Project on the website and can even download a walking tour brochure.

Tea & Tarot

Get in touch with your spiritual side at The Herb House, located at 214 S. 2nd St. You can grab a free cup of herbal tea and receive messages from the divine through a $15 tarot card reading! The readings are offered every Friday and Saturday afternoon from 4-6 p.m. In addition to that, The Herb House has countless unique natural remedies for almost anything.

Chalk & Cheese

Find your perfect wine and cheese duo and Chalk n’ Cheese, located at 209-211 S. 2nd St. If you aren’t 21, don’t worry! You can make up for it with a charcuterie platter. This business offers a multitude of personalized experiences.

Pop Up Paint Party

Not super artistic? That’s OK! No judgment here. Let your creative juices flow in a guided painting session to create your own work of art at Pop Up Paint Party. You can host your own paint party, or you can join one of the weekly group events.

Newly released movies, $5

Yes, you read that correctly. Studio City UW Plaza is Laramie’s newest movie theater, located near War Memorial Stadium. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, no need to worry. Every Tuesday, movie tickets are $5.50. Just sign up for Studio Rewards, which is super quick and simple. Time to load up on goodies at the concession stand.

Now get out there and take advantage of what Laramie has to offer!

How to combat anxiety & learn to live normally again

This blog is quite a bit different from what I usually post, but it is something that is very important to me. I have noticed that I’m definitely not alone in the ways I’ve felt. This blog is dedicated to other people who know where I’m coming from and I hope at least one of these methods can resonate with you.

For some unfortunate and unclear reason, anxiety has been a popular topic of discussion in recent years. I’m not sure if this is due to the some of the advancements in our society (the way we interact with technology) or the fact that more people are comfortable recognizing/admitting they are not 100% mentally healthy. I hope it’s the ladder, because it is about time the mental health issue becomes something that we can all accept, understand and discuss.

I usually only open up about these type of issues with individuals that I feel a very strong connection with. Because I have noticed that many people suffer from anxiety, I am willing to share my experiences and advice on this topic. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I once felt like I couldn’t come forward with my anxiety and I felt alone, like I was going crazy…like there was no way for me to fix it. I’m here to inform you that you are not crazy and you CAN work through it. Now I’m not sure if the methods that work for me, work for you. Everyone is different. Each person experiences anxiety in a unique way, therefore there are several different ways for us to cope with it. I can only hope that one of my ways to combat anxiety speaks to you.


If you’re a student, I highly suggest getting Spotify Premium (it comes with Hulu too) for $5 a month. I’m not sure if these podcasts are on Google Play or Apple Music because I only have Spotify. I have two favorites that always help me through anxious days. One is called Affirmation Pod and the other is Mini Meditations. Isolating myself in a calm, comfortable environment and listening to one of these episodes can help me reset my thoughts. It might not be the exact same, but if you can’t get Spotify, there’s always YouTube!


This is another great way to clear your mind. You can really focus on deep breathing and slowly working the stress and tension from anxiety out of your muscles. Try to be conscious of where you hold tension. Relax all of your muscles. You might notice yourself clenching your jaw or tightening your throat. Acknowledge this and then release the tension. Listening to soft music can also improve this experience.


Sometimes its much easier for us to write down our feelings than say them out loud to another person. It can be really gratifying to open up a notebook or journal to  blank page, grab your favorite pen and let your mind do the writing. Write down exactly how you feel. Then, write down what you think might be causing you to feel this way. Finally, next to each item, write down an idea on how to work through this feeling or to avoid what causes it.


Even if you’re not the greatest artist in the world, I believe that getting in touch with your creative side can be very therapeutic. I personally like using vibrant colors that represent my feelings at that time to draw or paint. It doesn’t have to be anything special, just do whatever feels good.

Attitude of Gratitude

Each night before you go to bed, think of all the things you are grateful for. It can also help to write these down. Think about why you’re grateful for these things and how they make your life better. Remind yourself that there is so much to be happy about and that you’re doing just fine. You can also replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts throughout the day when you feel yourself creeping back into a negative mind space.


Create an atmosphere that is comfortable and positive. For me, this includes diffusing essential oils, dimming the lights, lighting a candle or two and having a clean/tidy space.

Integrating each of these small changes into my everyday life have helped me work through my anxiety tremendously. I wish the same for you. It will be okay 🙂

Love & Light!

10 Experiences I Wouldn’t Have Without UW

Before I begin, I think I should provide some background information. I was born and raised here in Laramie. I have never lived anywhere else and I haven’t been away from home for more than 10 days at a time.

I basically grew up in a sea of “Poke Pride”. The Steamboat was imprinted on me at a young age. Despite my love for brown and gold, I initially didn’t want to stay in Wyoming for college. At the time, I knew many of my peers were moving far away, to big cities and top universities. I felt like if I stayed, I wasn’t going to be able to grow. I was caught up in the hype of everyone leaving Laramie. I didn’t truly appreciate all that Wyoming has to offer until I was in college. Little did I know, I would discover a fresh perspective on a place I’ve always known.

I decided it was best to attend the University of Wyoming because all my family is here and the affordability-tied with the up-to-date facilities-was difficult to pass up. I was OK with calling Laramie my home for a few more years.

Now that I’ve spent the last five years on my own and attending college, I can truly say that my perception is completely changed. If I left Wyoming, I would not have experienced the undeniable benefits of staying in state. The following list includes 10 awesome experiences I could only find at UW.

  1. The Hathaway Scholarship plus the inexpensive tuition, equals a money saver’s paradise!
  2. The rowdy bunch that is known as the student section.
  3. The luxury of clean, fresh air at any given moment.
  4. The multitude of amazing and inspiring professors.
  5. The opportunity to have important personal connections with those professors.
  6. Free transportation, tutoring, chair massages and doggy de-stressors.
  7. Watching Skater Guy practice his tricks in Simpson’s Plaza…never gets old!
  8. Under no circumstances experiencing a traffic jam.
  9. Using the cold or the wind as an excuse for a bad hair day. Beanies for everyone!
  10. Always feeling safe and a part of a tight, friendly community.

I want to emphasize this last point. Laramie has shown that it can be considered a home for anyone who dwells here. The university and the locals have built a bridge between one another, welcoming all and bleeding brown and gold together.

I didn’t always recognize that attending UW had so much to offer, but I’m glad I do now. A lot of these experiences can only be found at here. I’m thankful that I ultimately decided to stay in my hometown for college because I have a new sense of familiar surroundings. I’ve never been more of a Wyomingite.