Tweeting everyday encounters is a mindless action for most. It’s easy and fun to immediately tweet a thought, quote, joke or song lyric. When I learned that our 9th blog post was to live-tweet an event, it suddenly didn’t seem so easy.

It’s much more intimidating and difficult to send out thoughtful tweets that are in third person, interesting, accurate and informative. Using hashtags is easy and fun, but pulling quotes from two interviews while making it work in 140 characters or less seemed questionable. Needless to say, I was nervous for this assignment.

I am familiar with Twitter and have had one since I was a freshman in high school. I always liked it better than Facebook because it was less complicated. And, well, my mom didn’t have Twitter.

I decided to report on an event called Porn Dies at 7220 with guest speaker Jenna Divis. I initially wanted to live tweet a different speech called My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me. I ended up being way too invested in the event that I forgot to tweet! From that I learned that I needed to choose something a little less intriguing to me. I learned about Porn Dies from the Facebook events feature, as well as a flyer in the union. I thought it sounded interesting and newsworthy because it was the first event for the brand new organization on campus.

Porn Dies at 7220 is a group of people whose mission is to spread awareness about the effects of porn addiction and its correlation to sexual abuse.

The official flyer posted for Porn Dies at 7220 on Dec. 1


The whole ordeal ended up being easier than I initially thought. It was still challenging, though. I felt impolite because of the fact that it looked like I was texting during Jenna Divis’ speech. I sat in the back corner to try to avoid being a distraction.

This isn’t an event I would have normally attended, so it was educational for me. Divis taught the audience that porn addiction is a serious issue; it is alive and thriving. She opened up and shared her personal story in an effort to prevent it from happening in the future. It was emotional to hear her view on porn (as a victim of sexual assault) and she provided many surprising statistics.


I enjoyed attending the event with a mission in mind, which made me more attentive. It was difficult to tweet certain quotes when Divis was speaking fast. I didn’t know how long the speech would be, so it was also hard to organize a beginning, middle and end to my series of tweets. I struggled with putting it together to make sense for my “followers” or for someone who was not there. It was very easy to hit the 10-tweet requirement.

In conclusion, live-tweeting an event is interesting and a bit of a gamble because its like you’re leading yourself down stairs in the dark. You don’t know what’s going to happen, but you just go with it and try your best.

I can definitely see myself using social media in my future career. I realized I can use social media now, to build my own brand and use it for a reference when applying for a job.I learned a lot from this assignment, mostly how to use Twitter from a journalistic standpoint. In a social media management, I definitely think Twitter would be the most difficult platform to use. It might not be obvious, but several strategies are involved when you’re tweeting with a purpose.

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